New networking notes

This blog aims at encouraging students to continue to explore the networking field after having followed their first networking course. Until November 2020, the blog mainly contained medium size articles that were published as time permitted.

Starting from November 2020, we aim at publishing one article on Networking Notes every week. Instead of being focussed on a single topic, each article will provide pointers to recent blog posts, IETF documents, articles or podcasts that describe new and interesting results. Each article will focus on one layer on the networking stack, starting from the application layer.

In addition to changing the contents of the Networking Notes, we also change their distribution. You can still continue to read Networking Notes via, but we encourage you to either :

We will continue to post links to the latest Networking Notes on our twitter account, linkedin group and facebook page, but remember than on these social networks, the posts that you see are decided by the social network and not by you. You might thus miss some of our posts.

If you find that a Networking Note is useful and interesting, let us know and do not hesitate to share on your favorite social network.

This blog is hosted on github and its sources are available on Feel free to submit a pull request if you want to clarify an article. If you have ideas on documents that should be mentionned on the next Networking Notes, please create an issue on github.

*This blog post was written to inform the readers of Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice about the evolution of the field. You can subscribe to the Atom feed for this blog.

Written on November 2, 2020