Running your own ISP

Various types of carreers are possible in the networking business. Some develop new applications, others deploy network services or manage enterprise networks. Most of the people who are active in the field work in established organisations that already have a running network. Some decide to create their own business or their own company. The same happens when considering Internet Service Providers. Most of the existing ISPs were created almost twenty years ago. While it is more difficult to launch an ISP business today that when the Internet was booming, there are still new ISPs that are created from scratch. In a series of two blog posts, Chris Hacken discusses many of the technical bareers that exist in this type of businesses. There are very few documents that describe those business, practical and operational issues.

The first part discusses the launch of the ISP with the acquisition of the first fiber and the installation of the antennas and the datacenter. The second part describes the roll out of fibers to the ISP customers.

Written on October 4, 2018