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The Internet plays an important role in our society. Jim Cowie wrote an interesting blog post where he discusses what needs to be done to preserve history about the Internet infrastructure including archived BGP messages, traceroute information and other artifacts about the Internet infrastructure.

The Internet Protocol Journal is a highly recommended resource for networking students. Every issue of this journal publishes tutorial articles on various networking topics. The last issue provides an Introduction to 5G, a discussion on why Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) did not succeed and the 20 first years of cellular/Wi-Fi integration.

IP journal

Ethernet is the most successful Local Area Network technology. It has been more widely deployed than the dreams of its designers. When the first Ethernet memo was published at Xerox, several co-workers had doubts about the success of Ethernet. Tom Lyons shared on X a copy of Robert Bachrach’s memo.

Ethernet will never work

In parallel, Ken Shirriff shared on X a thread about the design of AMD LANCE chipset that equipped many Ethernet adapters.

Some network engineers refer to the Border Gateway Protocol as the two napkins protocol because its early design was written on a napkin during lunch. The original napkin has been preserved a the Computer History Museum. Flavio Luciani shared on X a copy of these historical napkins that are reproduced below.

BGP napkins

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Written on January 1, 2024