Automated evaluation of networking skills

Students and readers of the Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Practice ebook often ask for exercises to enable them to evaluate their understanding of the different topics discussed in the ebook. Over the years, we have added various exercises on the INGInious. In the framework of their ongoing Master thesis, Clément Linsmeau and Matthieu Leclercq have developed an INGInious extension that uses statistical techniques to evaluate the students using simple questions. Their INGInious suggests a series of about a dozen of exercises to each student to evaluate hir/her knowledge. The exercises that are selected depend on the answers given by each student to each exercise. A brigth student will receive a set of challenging exercises to see whether she/he really masters the course while an average student will receive simpler exercises.

To participate to this test, please log on

Register on INGInious

You need to register first, then select the CNP3 course.

One registered on the course, INGInious will ask you a first question to start to estimate your networking skills. Based on your answer, it will propose another question, … To see the next question, you will need to got back to the list of questions.

Exercise on INGInious

Answer on INGInious

At the end of the series of exercises, INGInious will estimate your current knowledge and the students will ask you some feedback for their master thesis. Please answer honestly to this last question.

In case of technical questions, please contact Clément Linsmeau and Matthieu Leclercq by email.

Written on May 16, 2022