Taylor Swift, DNS and the GNU name system, censorship

Taylor Swift’s fans break the record of the largest consumption of data over AT&T’s mobile network during a recent concert. During a recent concert in Arlington, Texas, fans exchanged more than 29 TB of data over AT&T’s network. The article published by The Verge provides additional data over other events.

The military actions in Gaza are also indirectly visible from the perspective of the Internet infrastructure. A RIPE blog post authored by Qasim Lone details how Palestine is connected to the Internet from RIPE data such as RIPE RIS.

The Domain Name System is a key component of the Internet infrastructure. There are unfortunately few opportunities to learn about the operation of DNS servers. http://messwithdns.net provides a nice set of exercises really useful for students. If you want to explore other types of names, RFC9498 specifies the GNU Name System.

Another recent RFC is RFC9505. It provides an interesting overview of different techniques that are used to censor Internet traffic at different layers (application, transport, DNS, …) and some information about the impact of each technique and a lot of references to related work.

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Written on November 27, 2023