Recent networking notes

curl is one of the most versatile implementation of a wide range of application-layer networking protocols. It started as an open-source project twenty years ago and is now used on billions of devices. In a recent post on stackoverflow, Daniel Stenberg explains why he developed this project.

The deployment of DNS over HTTPs continues to make progress. Such a deployment could be problematic in countries that require ISP to monitor the websites visitied by their users. UK is unfortunately one of such countries. In a recent post, Alec Muffet argues Why Every Privacy Activist Should Embrace* DNS-over-HTTPS. John Dunn provides his viewpoints in DNS over HTTPS is coming whether ISPs and governments like it or not. Geoff Huston also wrote a very interesting blog post on this topic on the APNIC blog. You might want to read these opinions if you plan to experiment with DoH, e.g. on firefox.

Browsers play an important role in today’s Internet. In a recent blog post, Gabbi Fisher and Luke Valenta shared some interesting results about the market share of the different browsers and operating systems.

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Chrome is clearly the dominant browser and as Microsoft has recently decided to build its future browser on top of the Chrome librairies, this will likely continue. Brave which does not yet appear in these statistics has recently announced a new type of business model where they will share a fraction of the advertising revenue with their users. Time will tell whether this will be sufficient to reach a significant market share in the coming years.

Looking at web statistics, it is interesting to also analyse the most popular web server softwares. Netcraft has been running such a survey for a long time. Their April 2019 survey indicates that nginx is now the most popular server software.

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Written on April 30, 2019