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Artificial Intelligence techniques are applied to more and more use cases including networking. The networking channel recently organized two interesting discussions on AI techniques. Jean-Philippe Vasseur gave a talk on Are we living the long-awaited AI revolution for Networking with Generative AI while Vishal Misra discussed on Integrating LLMs in Computer Networking Education: can it be done ? what are the challenges ?. These two talks and the associated discussion are are good starting point to explore the interactions between AI and networking.

The Internet Protocol Journal published its March 2024 issue with two main articles:

  • an introduction to network slicing in 5G networks by William Stallings
  • an article by Mikael Holmberg on the history and the future of Ethernet

The Internet Protocol Journal is highly recommended for all networking students and professionals.

Slicing is an important technique introduced in 5G networks. It leverages several existing networking techniques under a new name and in some deployments with a better coordination. The IETF recently published RFC9543 that precisely defines what the IETF considers as a network slice. This is an interesting document to understand what slicing and cannot provide.

Several optical fibers were damaged in the Red Sea. This is resulted in a large reduction of the traffic towards several African countries as reported by Max Resing.

Fiber cut in Africa

In a short article, Lucal Vogel, Thomas Springer and Watthias Wählisch have summarized the evolution of HTTP during the last thirty years. They nicely summarize the different versions of HTTP and their deployment in a single figure.

HTTP history

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Written on March 18, 2024